Young Venezuelan Baseball Players
Chamos Peloteros
 Localization and description of the young Venezuelan baseball players in the minor leagues of the US. 

United States officially received about 10,000 Venezuelans as permanent residents each year, according to the  Homeland Security Department. The figure has almost quadrupled in the past 15 years. In 1998 there were 2503 green cards given to Venezuelan and amounted to 9409 in 2010.
The trend is similar in the baseball players. 
Meanwhile, during that same period nearly tripled the number of Venezuelans who joined Major League Baseball. He went from 102 Venezuelans who had gone through the MLB in 1998 to 300 by the end of the campaign of 2013.
We decided to answer this question by developing a scrapping data tool, scratching list of our players, then did data mining and refinement using public inputs, but not open the This program was developed to capture the Venezuelan database involved in the U.S. minor leagues. The first result was a 11,931 players of which 1298 are venezuelans.
We use Visual Studio software for this research and designed a web page in HTML 5 where the results were plotted on two maps both Venezuela and the United States. This maps shows the hottest areas where Venezuelan born players and the states where they play in the United States.
From the database we use parameters such as date and place of birth, position playing in the field, weight, height and whether it is left or right handed and made graphs to show the characteristics of the study population.
The extracted database will be shared on our website, for use in the study of similar problems and the development of investigative journalism, sociology or public policies that address these Venezuelan baseball playing far from home.

Grupo 1
Asdrubal Chirinos (, Programer and Designer WEB,
Albinson Linares (, Investigative Journalist,
Carlos Subero (, Investigative Journalist,
Natalia Angel (, Senior Graphic Designer, 
and Daniel Blanco (, Junior Graphic Designer.


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Youth Venezuelan Baseball Players - Chamos Peloteros