Professional Services Contracting Platform for Family Members in Origin Countries

What does Yalla solves?
The money sent by migrants to their origin country is not being used for what it´s intended.  Yalla solves by connecting people to services.

How does it work? 

Business to client: Users post an specific request of services to be delivered/supplied in their country of origin. 

Example: Juan pays for his mom´s roof to be fix by a contractor in X town of Honduras where she lives.

 Step 1  
User registration 
at the site.
 Step 2
Posts request of service through filters of selected categories. 

 Step 3
Once service is selected 
payment gate opens. 

 Step 4
Full payment is delivered to the contractor once the service is finish. 

Business to business: Contractor post his services to be found by users at the site.

Example: Mark operates a roof fixing company at Honduras. He posts his services at the site so that migrants can find him. 
 Step 1  
Provider registers at the site.
 Step 2
Provider post his services through a filter system.

 Step 3
Admin aproves and categories services at the site.

 Step 4
Full payment is delivered to the contractor once the service is finish. 

Track of payment & service update is available.
Desktop & mobile platform

Due to low levels of education most of the Honduran population have a low efficiency in administrating their income.
YAALLA serves as a platform where providers can sign in at the website to expose their services. Admin approves this services and categories them for optimal display of the users. 
Users (immigrants) can pay for services in their country of origin to be provided to their family members. The platforms ensures high levels of efficiency and tracking of the services bought.
This system is intended to be used by individual users, embassies, consulates and foreign aid organizations. Data recollected can be use for future social development projects. 

Roberto Motta
Juan Carlos Paz
Jose Manuel Zaldivar