What we're about:
Hours worked = Hours paid
    The sad truth of it all is that people don't always get paid what they deserve for their work, and this is especially true for immigrant workers. We'd like to change that.

A simple way to track your work hours.
    Inspired by a challenged issued by the Southern Poverty Law Center, we're developing an Android app that could easily register the amount of hours any person was at their workplace. 
    Once the user decides to clock in his hours, the app registers his location via GPS and a verbal confirmation to give further validate that it is actually him or her that is using the app.                 Then again at the end of the day. 
    This information is sent off to a server that stores all of your work hours so that you can have tangible proof in the event of any salary dispute.

The Team
Josué Isaí  Vázquez García
Javier Eduardo Muruato Sánchez
Mario Alberto Contreras Carrera
Luis Ignacio Bustillo Rubio

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