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 The Venezuelans living in the United States are limited to process documents at consulates. Our project is focused on a web site that meets the information on how to carry out procedures with the consulates of Venezuela in the United States, in order to optimize processes.


Our project is focused on making a website " pending Venezuelan " in HTML format 5 which is compatible with any PC or mobile ( smartphones and tablets) to gather updated information on consular services to Venezuelan who are in the U.S. , with to expedite the registration REP , passport renewal , payment of remittances / student grasps the payment of old-age and travel permitting for minors.


 Utility of the page

- In " Venezuelan pending " there will be a map that will geotag the consulates adjacent to the city where they live users : exact address, contacts, schedules, customer service , website and receiving documents .


- Users will find on the web portal " Venezuelan pending " a section devoted to information of interest related to the documents to be managed in the nine U.S. consulates apply them in accordance with the jurisdiction to which they belong .


- They may make their complaints about obstacles , managers , officers , customer service or acts of corruption in consular agencies . Also in this section includes common questions to try to answer questions about the most common experiences during the performance of consular services .


- The first phase is page contains useful links with ONG's to undertake initiatives to collaborate with the link between Venezuelans who are abroad. Initially establish partnerships with organizations ' Vote Anywhere " and" VenMundo " .


- Users will have a section where you would argue surveys on topics of interest related to their experience abroad. The poll results will be available to partner organizations and universities to develop research on the subject of migration or issues arising affecting Venezuelans in the country where they are.

- A section with news stories about cultural events hyperlocal communities residenciadas Venezuelans in the United States. " Venezuelan pending "


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