Immigraphics (formerly Safetrails)

Challenge: "Data about deaths along the US-Mexico border"
Every day, immigrants separate from their relatives in search of better opportunities, not just for themselves but for the other ones that depend on them. 

Increased border control has not diminished the immigration problem: it has added another factor of danger into it.  People attempt dangerous crossings through remote areas of the borderlands and through wild terrain in Mexico. They die in the hundreds from a variety of reasons, from exposure to blunt force trauma, and there is no complete count of the number of bodies. Data is plentiful but scattered and hard to access. This lack of centralized information prevents authorities related to immigration to get a clear scope of the problem. 

Immigraphics provides a consistent way to information related to US-Mexican border deaths, gathered from different sources. More importantly, the website makes it easily accessible. Furthermore, it provides visualizations of this data to analyze tendencies and correlate factors to understand it better.


We used an API that scrapped the data from the existing database provided by the DataFest. Then, we processed the data before storing it in a Mongo database. With this we created a free access OAuth API to input more data from verified sources.

To this data we make a descriptive analysis using d3.js. This way we have defined a standard between death records from different counties providing means to directly register death records.

4 Acertijos 

Eduardo Avilés, Programmer
Victor Rodríguez, Programmer
María Paiz, Designer
Diego Auyón, Programmer
Joel Cantoral, Programmer

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