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Werk Pal is a digital multiplatform. Allows immigrants to generate and manage incomes easily and safely.


Our Proposal is an integrated digital solution that help immigrants in most of the problems they face in their quest for a better life. The idea is to create a digital multiplatform that help them generate and manage incomes easily and safely. The immigrant or as we like to call him PAL arrives to a different country in the pursuit of a dream. To make this dream come true PAL needs to find a job. Probably he was a gardener back in his country, but no one knows that in this country. But we can help him. He get to us by any of our touchpoints, like the webpage, cellphone or even a interactive kiski located in popular areas among immigrants. He just needs to register his name/user, his location and select from a list of profession, the one that he can do for living. With this information we create a database that will help the second platform.

The second platform is a webpage that help regular people that need some help with getting certain tasks done, like gardening, building, etc. They just type what the need to be done, their location, and a huge list of people will appear with different ratings and prices.
These people are our immigrant took from the first platform database.

When the job is done, the third platform comes into play. The employers pay the immigrants thru our webpage with credit card or paypal. And our PALs can choose to exchange the money right away or let us help them manage their incomes. In their profiles the will have access to their money by writing checks, wiring money to their families back in their countries or buying from stores in the US of in their countries. This way we are helping them to make their dream come true!

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