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 As part of a changing world full of frenetic and uncontrollable movement, we decided to stop and think about how to provide a new solution that fits this description of the life we live. Money is one if not the most reliable asset in order to move around and supply our daily needs. We'll make it our bid to play.


With Moo-Coins we believe we are the new way of connecting and creating a life for those who live a life depending on their closest relatives inside or outside the country. Our platform will change the way of life for thousands of families around the globe. Families of migrants will have a new, easy, simple and fast way to purchase products without having their migrant relatives sending them cash.



1.  What is Moo-Coins?

Moo-Coins is the name for the new virtual money.

With this platform, we will help the economy of latin American families. With the consumption generating migrants abroad, companies will return a percentage to the family, which may be consumed in the countries of origin.

2.  What is the benefit of the Migrants?

The migrants will be able to help their families with the simple fact of making their daily consumption of food, clothes, medicines, gas and much more. 


3. How much do I need to consume to generate a Moo-Coin?

 We suggest it must be for at least 5% of what the migrant consumes.


4. Is it necessary to have a job in order to apply to Moo-Coins?

NO, it is not obligatory to have a job, a credit card or a bank account to apply.  This system only depends on the amount the migrant consumes.


5. Does it have a cost to be a member?

NO, it does not have any costs to be a member. The sender only has to register and invite the beneficiaries.


8. Where will the beneficiaries be able to use the Moo-Coins? 

The beneficiaries will be able to use the moo-coins in companies affiliated with the platform in the home country.

 These can be pharmacies, public services, restaurants, shopping malls and many more.


7. In what countries can consuming generate Moo-coins?

They can be generated in countries contrary to our homeland, but we are currently focusing on countries where normally our families migrate, which are: United States, Mexico and Spain.


8. Can the beneficiary depend on more than one sender?

 YES. The Beneficiary can have many senders outside the country. Each one of the senders can register and add the same person.


9. Can a sender register more than one beneficiary?

YES, a family member can add more than one beneficiary like siblings, sons, daughters, parents and spouses.  He can even assign each member a percentage of the moo-coins.


10. Can the sender consume the Moo-Coins?

 NO, the beneficiaries are the only ones that can consume the Moo-Coins.

Our idea is to help the developing countries.


11. Can the Moo-Coins be exchanged for money?

 Moo-Coins only work as commercial exchange; they cannot be transferred or exchanged for money by the beneficiaries.

The ONLY ones that can exchange Moo-Coins for money are the companies.


12. Are people able to join Moo-Coins without having any beneficiaries in Latin America?

YES, there will be non-government organizations in the platform like: fundraisers for HIV and cancer just to mention a few.

People who don’t have beneficiaries, but want to help developing countries, will be able to register and add a non-government organization. 


13. How will the affiliated companies be able to change Moo-Coins for cash?

We are currently working on a system that will allow companies to immediately receive a deposit once they finalize a transaction. For now, companies will have to generate a bill at the end of the day to manually make the deposit.










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