Migrate! is an app designed to help users decide what country provides the best opportunities and environment to fit the needs of the user and his or her family. 


Migrate! is an app written in Python 2.7 designed to provide people  of all education  and income levels from around the world with information pertinent to deciding which country is right for them. Our world is becoming increasingly globalized. Modern travel and communication  has allowed people from around the world to find work anywhere. However, its not always clear what area of the world will provide the best working conditions, safety, environment and wages, especially for people that work in labor intensive environments. We wanted to design a web app that helps migrant labor of all skill levels and nationalities decide which country provides the best opportunities for them. We hope that the publicizing of the best working conditions, wages, and environments will drive countries lagging in these areas to adopt better practices. Migrate! accepts a few basic inputs from the end user and runs them in combination with economic, environment, education and other country data taken from the CIA World Handbook as well as the World Bank to determine the best country for the user to migrate to. Our algorithm can be found at the link provided in the right navigation panel.

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Paden Woodruff
Garret Vo 


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