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One of the biggest challenges of being a migrant and leaving your family behind is managing limited earnings not only to survive but also provide for them in a better way than would be possible without having migrated away from them. With very limited resources, migrants seldom have access to financial planning advice. The Migrant Budget web application is an easy to use system for migrants to keep track of their earnings, expenses, and remittances, as well as planning a budget for those left behind in their home country.


Migrant Budget is a useful tool for migrants that allows them to determine the total amount of their income and expenses. In this way it also provides an easy way to figure out net income and the amount of remittances sent to families.

The utility of the tool is not limited to calculating figures out of the data that the user enters for each earning period. It also gives the migrants a chance to use their own data recorded from the moment they start to use the application. By analyzing their records, the migrants can assess the progress that their finances have undergone throughout their stay in the United States.

In addition to financial control, Migrant Budget provides tools that can be useful to find the closest point for sending remittances. This allows the migrant to determine the amount to be paid for the service and thus to know the exact amount of money that families receive from the specific remittance.

For migrants who already have resident status in the country they migrated to, there is an additional tool they can use for contacting internet websites that provide databases to facilitate job search regularly and with all the controls the law requires.

Migrant Budget is a simple application designed to allow visually instinctive handling by the user through basic procedures without using too many options that could confuse those with less experience in this kind of online tools.


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