Manage Your Wage   The best way to help those you love

What do we want to do?

Since economic conditions are the main cause why there is migration to foreign countries, in search of better opportunities, this has been our motivation in seeking to improve the situation of people who are in these situations and families of the same.

From this project we seek to make an informative website, with which is intended to support the migrant Latin Americans who are in the United States, from an economic point of view concerning what is known as remittances , which means that they are able to send financial support to their families. 

How can they be helped? 

What is being sought is providing the necessary information for a better management of wages and provide the necessary data on the institutions that offer this type of service, being that the main concern is to send as much money for their relatives as possible, so providing data with which they can compare and decide which of these offers the best service, the most important ones being the delivery time to their family and the amount they receive according to the exchange rate that is managed .




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