Immigration Translator for Glass


This project involved the design and implemention of a Google Glass app that translates English to Chinese with speech to text recognition. The primary goal is to give English speaking citizens the ability to communicate to Chinese migrants.

The glass app  connects to the Google Cloud using the Google Mirror API. It synchronizes Google Glass time cards with our customized Java server. Glass users can activate time cards and speak to glass in English.  Server receives time card from Google Mirror API and sends them to the web server written in Java. Server parses the English text and initiates a conversation with Google Translator. The text is translated into Chinese and the server sends the message to the cloud. Finally, the cloud delivers the translated text to the glass user. This app can help English speaking citizens talk to Chinese migrants. For example a United States citizen could tell Chinese migrants how to get to the grocery store using the Glass app. Real estate agents could communicate with Chinese newcomers and help them find a place of residency.



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Joseph Shanahan

Yusheng Ding

Jonathan Taylor

Ya Guo

Jing Zou



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