Human Rights Without Limits


    This project is focused in helping immigrants to know their basic rights when coming to another country and also giving an information about the organizations and beneficence for this people and the ones who want to help and being part in this process.  


    We will focus on a web page that consists mainly of 3 countries: Canada, Mexico and United States. The main topic is the universal human rights, that every person in the world must enjoy regardless of the place or situation they're in.

    Inside the menu the users can choose and search for the organizations by country and each contain a description of their main characteristics, logo, address, phone number, president's email and a link to the web page.

    As administrators of the webpage we will add our missionand the opportunity to contact us. We will have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions ) section.



Astrid Alcaraz Domínguez
Brainy Salcido Torres
Fernanda Silva Oaxaca
Paola Salcido Gallegos

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