Cuál es tu Número? - What Is Your Number? 

Cuál es tu Número? (What Is Your Number? in English) will be an on air and digital initiative to address major health issues concerning the Hispanic community.  Storytelling will drive our broadcast audience to an online tool that will use numbers to break down complex topics and generate a “wellness score” based on answers to a series of questions relating to nutrition, exercise, habits, stress and other topics. Users will receive a score of 1 to 10 and learn about different areas where they can improve health, also receiving culturally sensitive tips and tools to do so in concrete and simple ways.


We came to the idea of Cuál es tu Número? in an attempt to address some of the most serious health concerns facing the Hispanic community in the United States. We wanted to find an interactive way to give the Univision audience the tools to improve its health by addressing concerns like weight, diabetes and hypertension, but also lifestyle choices, such as the importance of sleep and the risks of tobacco. According to research from the California Healthcare Foundation, 69% of Americans use some method to track health metrics, yet only 58% of Hispanics do, indicating need for Hispanic-focused health platforms.

Viewers will be encouraged to go online and provide information about their health habits, generating a “wellness score,” accessible health tips, and recurring opportunities to improve health and wellness. Cuál es tu Número? will allow individuals to gather their personal data to understand their health and wellbeing, while the collective data can be used to examine the major health concerns for Hispanics who engage online and/or watch television.





Dr. Juan Rivera
Chief Medical Correspondent, Univision

Stephen Keppel
Director of Empowerment Initiatives, Univision

Anna Barry-Jester
Editorial Producer, Univision

 Selymar Colon
Director of Digital Integration, Univision


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