How to Succeed at Datafest

Would you like to make the most of the Datafest ? Here's how. 

Oct 31, 2013

Nate Aune, the founder of Appsembler has written 10 tips for a successful participation at a hackathon.  His blog post is well worth reading and here's a summary adapted for our Datafest: 
  • Plan ahead,  Be ambitious but mindful that you only have 48 hours
  • Build a team whose members have diverse backgrounds so they can leverage each other's expertise
  • Prepare. Learn more about the issues underlying the particular challenge that you will be working on.  Learn more about tools and data
  • Use Github for version control and PaaS for deployment and hosting
  • Take frequent brakes
  • Envision your perfect demo and then work backwards
  • Have fun!
A full text of Nate Aune's blog post is here .