Welcome to the DataFest San Pedro Sula 2013!

It is a great honor to have the opportunity to invite you this 2nd  and 3rd of November at America Datafest 2013, in which our city, San Pedro Sula is participating. 

America Datafest is organizing hackathons around the American continent in order to help find practical solutions for our community.

The American Data Fest is a Hackathon for 48 hours in many cities that attract many participants with diverse profiles and they concentrate on the topic of migration.

In this Hacktathon we are organizing, we will develop innovative solutions that reduce costs and increase shipments of remittances of migrants in our country in order to create new alternatives that support and develop the economic growth in Honduras. The two best projects will be nominated to a global competition and the winners will be announced on November 17.

Date and time of event

The event will take place on November 2nd and 3rd (Saturday and Sunday).

Local Partners & Sponsors


San Pedro Sula

Altia Business Park
San Pedro Sula 21102


Luis Gustavo Flores
Joshua Welchez