An App to alleviate the Migrant's Loneliness

A proposal from the Patzun Municipality, Guatemala

    At Patzún we have a YouTube channel with 1,190 videos in storage catalogued in 31 lists (transparence, citizen participation, digital gap, education, culture and customs, development, among others). I think that no other municipality in Guatemala and few in the region have collected such documented information.
    Between 65 per cent to 70 per cent of our videos viewings are from the United States, mostly from New York, New Jersey, Florida, Texas and California, where most of our migrants live. We have talked with some of them and most of them carry smartphones, on which they watch the videos we upload. The highest video demand this year was on May 22, two days after the Saint Patron's day, when more than one thousand videos were seen. It is obvious that the patzunero migrants wanted to know what had happened in their hometown, how it was at the dance party, the fair, the streets, etc.
    This is encouraging us to create a new strategy for the next thousand videos, that will ask the migrants themselves to produce videos and upload them to our channel so we will have two-way communication, besides making videos more focused on the local customs (the market, the church, religious ceremonies, the clothes, the people, the sounds of Patzún).
   We believe that migrants have this unmet emotional yearning and we propose to alleviate it