Trans-local Fair Trade

A challenge proposed by APOFAM , a Mexican NGO

By Sari Dennise 

Main users: migrants, their families and their communities.

Identified need: tools for the sale and purchase of products between communities of origin and communities of destination.

Justification: APOFAM has identified the "mirror communities" linked to six areas in Mexico where it operates. For example, families from Tetlanóhcan, Tlaxcala, tend to migrate to New Haven, Connecticut; people from San Jerónimo, Xayacatlán, Puebla, migrate to Staten Island, New York. Those relatives living in the United States have more chances and are motivated to buy and promote what their relatives in Mexico produce.

Possible toolapplications and other technology resources allowing the viewing and sale of product packages. The ability to buy online using smartphone applications and web site.

Usebesides promoting trade between communities of origin and communities of destination it is possible to create a fair trade network between these communities.