Online Survey Platform

A challenge proposed by Centro de los Derechos del Migrante 

A principal problem faced by migrant rights advocates when pushing for policy reforms is a lack of data.  In order to fill this data vacuum and bring worker experiences to the policy arena, we propose the development of a survey platform that would collect first-hand experiences of migrants. 

This survey platform would be available free of charge to migrant advocate organizations and researchers. Upon registration, the subscriber would be able to design a custom survey and create an accompanying website. The subscriber would be able to tailor the survey to her or his area of interest, choosing from a list of question types.  

The accompanying website would include a space for describing the project and conducting the survey through online forms. The subscriber could specify privacy levels, such as whether the survey be available publicly or by invitation only. 

The subscriber could also choose to display live results of the survey and/or allow website visitors to download the complete survey results. The subscriber would be able to download the survey results as in the form of an .CSV or .XLS file for easy analysis. 

The survey platform would also include applications for mobile devices, like the iPhone and iPad. These mobile apps would allow surveyors to conduct surveys online or offline. Offline survey collection is crucial since many migrant-sending regions have limited internet access. The subscriber would be able offer the same survey in an unlimited number of languages, allowing the same survey to be conducted with different migrant populations.