How is this event structured?
There are autonomous hackathons in various cities united by a single theme: migration in the Americas. They are organized by local leads. On Saturday, November 2, 2013, people will gather, form teams and build web apps, mobile apps and other resources. We encourage locations that have the resources to do start the team formation process at a brainstorming session on Friday evening. On Sunday, they will present their work. Best projects will receive awards at the discretion of the local organizers. And top 2 projects from each location will be nominated for global awards. 

Can I compete solo? 
Yes, if you are attending a local hackathon in-person. However, if you are planning to participate in the contest virtually, you need to become a virtual member of a local team. 

How do I find (or form) a team? 
Please join our online community [here] to find other team members, discuss and pitch your ideas. There will also be volunteers at the event to help you form a team and pitch your idea(s). 
What do I need to bring to the hackathon?  
Bring your laptop, your brainpower and your passion for coding and your desire to contribute to a good cause. Also, check local event’s webpage for any requirements specific to your location. You can find the webpage via the map on the Locations page

I already have an idea for my project. Can I start working on it now?  
Absolutely. You can form a team and start structuring your project any time. However, we ask that you do the coding during the event. This is to be fair to those who may get started later. 

There is no hackathon in my city. Can I compete virtually at  a hackathon in another city?  
Absolutely. Please see the Participation page for more details. 

How do I submit my project? 
Please see  the Participation page. 

I want to organize a hackathon in my city as part of this Datafest. What should I do? 
Please email us at teresabouza@datafest.net. Also, check out our Local Hackathon Planning Guide

I live in Portugal (Germany, Romania, etc.), outside the Americas. Can I still participate? 
Absolutely. Anyone, anywhere in the world can participate. Please see the Participation page for a description of ways in which you can participate.  Also, please check out our page on online participation (here)

Can I create a new page on this website? 
Absolutely. Please see the instructions on the Help page. 

I have a question not covered by this FAQ. 
Please don’t hesitate to email us at teresabouza@datafest.net